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At Lonestar Wound Care & Hyperbarics we are committed to the highest level of care with state of the art technology in our hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic. Our stand-alone clinic offers hyperbaric medicine in a conveniently located, outpatient setting.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for wound care is considered the preferred modality for many patients who are at risk with delayed wound healing. Wounds need oxygen to heal properly and exposing a wound to 100% oxygen can speed healing and shorten recovery time. In addition to aiding the healing process in wound care, HBOT has proven to be effective treating hearing issues, chronic ulcers, burn victims, injuries from radiation, migraines and some types of cancer.

Lonestar Wound Care & Hyperbarics are experts in oxygen therapy and hyperbaric treatments. Let us show you the difference today.

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Justin W. Hart

Chief Executive Officer

Realizing the need for underutilized ancillary healthcare services like hyperbaric therapy, Justin founded Lonestar Wound Care and Hyperbarics.

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At Lonestar, you will be treated by a highly-skilled provider, specially trained in wound care & hyperbaric medicine.

Constantly looking for ways to evolve the treatment of wounds and provide services that add value to the providers who refer patients to our facilities.


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