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Tired Of Being Tired? Try HBOT

While some persons seem to get lots done with boundless energy, others suffer from breathlessness and bouts of tiredness. Chronic fatigue could be explained as prolonged tiredness affecting everyday life. The exact numbers may be hard to pin down. However, research estimates up to 8 persons per 1000 have chronic fatigue. And while diet and exercise can help, a poor oxygen level could be the source of low energy levels. Powerful treatments like hyperbarics can give that much-needed boost to improve chronic fatigue.

The oxygen journey

The lungs inhale and begin processing oxygen. From there, the heart, brain, gut, and even bones work together to transport oxygen through the vast cardiovascular system. The oxygen feeds and fuels, helping to provide the health and wellness needed for survival. Oxygen acts as a furnace, burning sugars and fats, converting these compounds into energy. The more oxygen and more efficient the oxygen use, the higher the energy.

A breath of pure air

What if the blood cells could get an almost immediate boost of pure oxygen? With hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, persons can improve oxygen levels. For decades, divers used oxygen therapy to treat decompression sickness. Since then, the medical world has used HBOT to heal serious wounds, gas poisoning, and other traumatic injuries. What’s more, HBOT can restore the optimal percentage of oxygen in the body. HBOT happens in a pressurized chamber or room with 100% pure oxygen. Treatments typically last roughly 30 minutes for several sessions. Over time, the pure oxygen speeds up healing and provides a host of other benefits.

Will HBOT boost energy?

Research links low oxygen levels to chronic fatigue. Going through a complete course of HBOT gradually increases oxygen levels. A group of patients who used HBOT saw an immediate increase in energy. These patients were able to resume daily life with renewed energy and decreased symptoms. Remember, each blood cell transports oxygen throughout the body. By restoring damaged blood cells, more oxygen becomes available. And this means more energy.

The deeper reason for low energy

An underlying issue can be the reason for reduced energy. For instance, chronic fatigue can also stem from damaged tissues. The body sends oxygen to the tissues and organs that need urgent repair. As a result, less oxygen is available to convert into energy. HBOT increases the concentration of oxygen in the plasma used for tissue repair. This means faster recovery and oxygen used efficiently again.

Let HBOT be your booster

HBOT provides a powerful and effective boost to oxygen levels. The procedure can also treat any underlying issues causing those energy dips. Persons with chronic fatigue should also speak with a doctor to find the root cause. In addition to using hyperbaric care, the doctor will do a complete health assessment. The right health plan coupled with HBOT can help those with chronic fatigue feel amazing again. For more information, speak with a healthcare provider.

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