Lonestar Wound Care How Many HBOT Sessions Do I Need Treatment For Common Conditions

Breathing Easy With HBOT

For decades, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, has treated a range of severe issues. The process is simple. A patient enters a particular chamber or room outfitted to administer pure oxygen. Over a 30-60-minute session, the patient breathes 100% pure oxygen under 2.0 or more atmospheric pressure. This stimulates angiogenesis or the creation of new blood vessels.

Trusting the HBOT process

While 100% of pure oxygen helps, the body cannot keep this state for long periods. Pure oxygen inhaled for too long can be fatal. Moreso, the body needs time to use this new oxygen supply. Like physical therapy, a doctor or wound care clinic sets up an ongoing regimen. Generally, the type of condition determines the number of sessions needed for the best results.

Treating anemia the right way

Anemia is a common condition where there is a low red blood cell count. Excessive blood loss is one of the many ways someone can get anemia. Oxygen therapy is an effective method for treating anemia. This provides a much-needed boost of oxygen to the body. Each patient’s needs are different. Some patients need 2-3 sessions daily. In some cases, as few as 30 sessions restored hemoglobin levels.

Short sessions for gas issues

Scientists initially developed HBOT to treat decompression sickness experienced by scuba divers. Some 1,000 divers each year still get the bends. Divers who surface too quickly have high nitrogen levels that form bubbles in the tissues and blood. This causes unbearable pain, fatigue, weakness, and vertigo. Surprisingly 2-3 HBOT sessions can treat decompression sickness. The same applies to other gas-related injuries like acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Practicing patience with non-healing wounds

Oxygen therapy can help with severe wounds. Typical examples include crush injuries, diabetic wounds, radiation burns, or flesh-eating disease. These wounds prove challenging to heal. The supply of oxygen cannot keep up with the demand. Patients often need HBOT daily. Between 20-40 sessions showed significant improvement in the speed and quality of healing.

As many reps as possible

Some other uses of HBOT include autism, strokes, Alzheimer’s, sporting injuries, depression, and even migraines. In most cases, the best results come from long-term, consistent sessions in the hyperbaric chamber. Unsurprisingly, some patients invested in a personal oxygen chamber. This allows patients to have daily sessions for years for improved health and wellness.

Stock up on those sessions

Oxygen works in the body around the clock. For HBOT to be genuinely useful, do not treat the therapy as a one-and-done. For all common conditions, 1-2 sessions a day is ideal. These sessions should run over several weeks. That covers more than 40 trips to the hyperbaric chamber. At the end of the therapy, the wound care clinic and the doctor must assess the progress of the ailment. From there, doctors can adjust the treatment as needed. Above all, the sessions for these common conditions must be consistent. Take as many sessions as prescribed to see real life-changing results. For more information, speak with a healthcare provider.

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