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Do You Have Multiple Sclerosis?

Close to 1 million people in the US live with multiple sclerosis. The incurable disease can change lives forever, going from active to disabled. Treatments like medication and physical therapy can slow down the disease. However, few treatments work like oxygen therapy.

The war on the central nervous system

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease that affects the central nervous system. The central nervous system is a complex highway of nerves located in the brain and spinal cord. These nerves contain neurons that transmit the signals needed to control the body’s every movement. Each nerve has a layer called the myelin sheath to protect the nerve. For persons with MS, the immune system attacks and destroys parts of the protective layer.

The life-changing impact of multiple sclerosis

With damaged nerves, several symptoms gradually affect the body. These include reduced balance, vision, intense pain, and weakness. The disease goes on to affect speech, memory, hearing and even breathing. In extreme cases, MS causes paralysis, brain damage, and a decreased life span. Persons with MS constantly look for ways to improve symptoms and quality of life. With techniques like oxygen therapy, there may be promising benefits.

Taking a pure oxygen breather

All the cells in the body need oxygen for survival and repair. Yet, cells only use about 20% of oxygen. With oxygen therapy, the cells get 100% pure oxygen under atmospheric pressure. Clinics provide oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, providing treatment over several short sessions. This alternative therapy has changed the lives of people with significant wounds, burns, and diabetic injuries. So how can this help persons with MS?

Can oxygen therapy help with MS?

Because of the hundreds of millions of neurons in the central nervous system, MS is difficult to treat. However, there could be value in oxygen therapy. The brain can repair some damage caused by MS. But the brain can only do so much. Breathing 100% pure oxygen over time may slow the process. Persons with MS undergoing oxygen therapy see decreased fatigue, increased mobility, and improved vision.

Bringing MS to a crawl

In some cases, oxygen therapy may slow the effects of multiple sclerosis. Patients undergoing consistent therapy showed no signs of further deterioration. Furthermore, oxygen therapy has been known to reduce sudden attacks. The influx of pure oxygen reduces inflammation. This means a better functioning central nervous system.

Have multiple sclerosis? Oxygen therapy may help

Oxygen therapy has mainly been used for wounds that won’t heal. However, there is a significant upside for immune diseases like multiple sclerosis. A pure oxygen regimen can reduce several of the debilitating symptoms of MS. If detected early and managed well persons can still maintain a high quality of life. Speak with a clinic specializing in oxygen therapy. Together with doctor-prescribed medication, oxygen therapy can truly benefit those with MS.

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