Lonestar Hyperbaric 3 Activities for Passing the Time During Your Hyperbaric Appointment

Fresh Air Healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is fast becoming an effective solution for the healing of wounds. In a special chamber, the patient breathes 100% oxygen under pressure. Humans need anywhere between 19.5-21% oxygen for optimal survival. So with 100% oxygen, the body creates new blood vessels and stem cells to speed up healing. With proper wound care, HBOT has reduced wound size by one-third after as little as 5 treatments.

Cramping your style

One of the biggest complaints patients have is the length of time alone in the chamber with nothing to do. Most hyperbaric chambers do not allow any material inside, except a plastic cup of water. The solitude triggers stress, anxiety, and even claustrophobia. The key is passing the time in a relaxed state while the chamber stimulates healing. What options do patients have? Here are 3 ways to pass time during HBOT appointments.

1. Game of Thrones, anyone?

Hyperbaric appointments take anywhere between 30 minutes to more than 2 hours. Clinics often mount a TV outside the chamber for patients to pass time. Bringing along a favorite TV series to catch up on turns a session into uninterrupted binge watching. Check with the clinic before the appointment to see if the device or service is available.

2. Facing the music

Listening to music is a great way for patients to pass the time. Familiar music instills a sense of calm and helps the time melt away. In fact, music more than helps patients hum along during hyperbaric treatment. Music has become an effective form of therapy. One concern of patients is anxiety and claustrophobia in the chamber for an extended period of time. Several studies prove music relaxes patients and even helps create antibodies for healing.

3. A mindful experience

Alone time in the chamber creates an opportunity to practice mindfulness. For a short HBOT session, meditation can help you relax, clear your mind, and even heal faster. Meditation has healing properties as old as time. Studies show persons who meditate reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Pure oxygen and meditation sound like a win-win.

Remove the stress today

Hyperbaric treatment often requires over 20 sessions to be effective. So passing the time in a comfortable way encourages patients to return. Passing the time also allows for relaxation, which is important during the process. Improvisation is key as chambers don’t allow personal items inside. Clinics understand the dilemma and work with patients to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

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