Lonestar Wound Care 3 Reasons Anemic Patients May Consider Hyperbaric Treatment

Anemia Is No Laughing Matter

Anemia is the most common blood-related disease. When someone is anemic, there is a low red blood cell count in the body. Red blood cells contain the protein hemoglobin. Hemoglobin sends oxygen throughout the body. Low oxygen can be detrimental. This causes fatigue, pain, difficulty breathing, and even death. Over 3 million Americans have a form of anemia. While there is no cure, treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can help. However, there are some specific cases where hyperbaric treatment is best.

Fighting anemia with HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an innovative technique to stimulate the body’s ability to heal. The treatment happens in a sealed chamber that produces 100% oxygen under 2.0-2.4 atmospheric pressure. When a patient uses a hyperbaric chamber, blood cells get 100% pure oxygen which accelerates repair. The body uses roughly 20% of pure oxygen. A fraction gets extracted to fuel tissues, organs, and muscles. Imagine the effectiveness for persons with anemia who lack the oxygen needed for optimal health. Here are 3 reasons why hyperbaric oxygen therapy works best.

1. An oxygen back-up plan

There are several forms of anemia. One severe type comes from excessive blood loss. Anemic patients with blood loss have little time to create new blood cells to send oxygen needed for health. This can cause further damage to tissue and organs that need a healthy supply of oxygen. HBOT helps in 2 ways. First, the procedure provides an exponential amount of blood to existing blood cells. This changes the tide in a difficult situation. HBOT can also provide oxygen directly to the plasma. This bypasses the need for large amounts of hemoglobin in the short-term.

2. Slowing those sickle cells

Persons with sickle cell anemia should consider treatments with HBOT. Sickle cell anemia is a particular form of the disease which can be fatal. In this case, blood cells are in the shape of a crescent or sickle. Sickle cell causes blood cells to not only get an inadequate supply of oxygen but to stick together. This can slow the transport of oxygen and damage blood vessels. Persons with sickle cell experience intense pain. Research has shown persons with sickle cell showed reduced pain after HBOT sessions. While there is no cure, persons can have an improved quality of life with consistent hyperbaric treatment.

3. A transfusion detour

For cases like blood loss or hemolytic anemia, doctors use blood transfusions to help restore red blood cells. However, there are times where transfusions aren’t possible. For instance, a person may have an existing infection or damaged blood cells. In rare cases, the transfusion can be incompatible. Other patients cannot accept blood transfusions due to religious reasons. HBOT can act as an effective alternative to blood transfusions.

Rely on hyperbaric treatment today

Thinking about treatment for anemia? Anemia can cause a lifetime of fatigue, pain, and lead to other serious complications. In most cases, the genesis of the disease is a lack of oxygen. Hyperbaric treatment can pay the missing oxygen debt, with interest. Each anemic patient is different. Always consult a doctor before trying hyperbaric treatment.

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