Lonestar Wound Care Can Hyperbaric Therapy Help Patients With Head Trauma

The Serious Impact Of Head Trauma

A blow to the head is a big deal. Ask the over 3 million who suffer head trauma each year. Head trauma ranges from bumps and bruises to serious crushing injuries that require surgery. These traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) also bring particularly dangerous side effects. TBIs can cause long-term conditions like memory loss, confusion, vertigo, or loss of crucial senses. Head injuries are a delicate situation. But procedures like hyperbaric therapy have shown promising results in the treatment of head trauma.

Giving the head some fresh air

The human body uses only 20% of pure oxygen. Oxygen is essential for healing and new blood vessel growth. What if there was a way to get more oxygen? With hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), patients get access to 100% pure oxygen in a highly pressurized chamber or room. An increase in oxygen over several sessions accelerates stem cell repair. HBOT has quickly become useful in a range of serious issues including gangrene, crush injuries, radiation burns, and thermal burns.

Your brain on oxygen

Can hyperbaric therapy help with head injuries? The brain uses almost one-quarter of all the oxygen in the body. A simple blow to the head could reduce that supply significantly. Healing after surgery requires a plentiful amount of blood and oxygen. Proper healing not only restores flesh and bone but also cognitive function. Mild traumatic brain injuries can reduce short-term memory and learning. Studies continue to reveal success in applying HBOT to both mild and severe head trauma.

The proof is in the research

Initial studies showed improved healing in both animals and humans experiencing mild to severe head trauma. With head injuries come a high risk of death. Some studies revealed fewer deaths when HBOT was used as opposed to traditional treatment. In fact, research shows HBOT can prevent an additional death for every 7 patients treated. While larger studies continue to roll out, results support HBOT as an effective technique to help with healing.

Healing your noggin

HBOT works as supportive therapy for a myriad of injuries. For head and brain injuries, studies show an increase in the rate of healing. In fact, HBOT can reduce post-concussion syndrome injuries like headaches and dizziness. The research continues to grow on how hyperbaric therapy impacts head trauma. Persons with varying head injuries should speak with a doctor or hyperbaric clinic for an assessment.

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